Once you choose your  field of expertise" you will begin to research in your chosen field.

As an archeologist you will complete the sections on Ancient Peoples of the Grand Valley in the workbook.

As a paleontologist you will complete the sections on Dinosaurs and Riggs Hill in the workbook.

As an historian you will complete the sections on Ute and Settlers and The Founding of Grand Junction in the workbook.

Each "expert" will be responsible for completing a Timeline of The Grand Valley.

Once your team is ready you will be assigned to a group with a representative "expert" from each field. Your group members will complete the sections in the workbook you researched based on the information you share with them.

Once your research is complete choose how you will demonstrate your learning during the celebration:

Multi-Media Presentation Slideshow


Living Diorama

Maps and Timelines

Biographical Presentation


Tour Guide

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