Social Studies

History of the Grand Valley

A copy of the black line master is available by request.


_____ Pre-assessment (History of the Grand Valley Questions)

_____Dinosaur Slide Show Response Sheet

_____ Dinosaurs

_____ Riggs Hill Scavenger Hunt

_____ Ancient Peoples of the Grand Valley

_____ Vocabulary

_____ The Utes and the Settlers

_____ How My Family Came to the Grand Valley

_____ The Founding of Grand Junction

_____ Time Line of the Grand Valley

_____ Research for and participation in creation of the Grand Valley Slide Show

_____ Post Assessment (History of the Grand Valley Questions)


Geography Standard 1: Students know how to use maps, globes, and other geographic tools to locate, collect, and interpret information about people, places, and environments.

Geography Standard 2: Students know the physical and human characteristics of places, and can use this knowledge to define and recognize regions and regional change.

Geography Standard 4: Students know the effect of interactions between humans and their physical environments.

History Standard 1: Students understand the chronological organization of history in order to identify and explain historical relationships.

History Standard 2: Students know how to use the processes and resources of historical inquiry.

History Standard 3: Students understand that societies are diverse and have changed over time.

History Standard 6: Students know that religious and philosophical ideas have been powerful forces throughout history.



Compare, contrast, and explain how geographical features of an area affect different people, cultures, and environments.
Identify and analyze the significant events of America's settlement as related to the Grand Valley
Identify and evaluate the environment of the Grand Valley
Analyze and describe how human activities, cultural events, and physical processes have shaped the Grand Valley
Describe how the Grand Valley began, grew and changed in chronological order

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